The One Lane Rule

One thing that really pushed my game to the next level is the tentatively named “one lane” rule.  This guideline helped me guage whether my time was worth wasting, if I should join a fight and also has scored me a lot of kills and assists.  When this rule is applied to judgment and experience, you will be able to save your team, pick up kills and be a hero.  So what is this rule that seems so glorious?  It’s the one lane rule and I define it as follows:

If a fight is breaking out approximately one lane from you, go there without question.

I don’t care if you’re in the middle of fighting your wolves or killing golems. There is no excuse aside from having no health or mana, which in that case you shouldn’t even be in your jungle. What this will do is put you in a position to either help your teammates live, secure a kill or cleanup after they unfortunately died.

Posted ImageTwo Examples of One Lane Distances

Your next natural question should be: what constitutes a fight? Well that is determined by your distance to them. By a rough calculation, a fight is scenario that will last longer than the time it takes you to get there.  I’m not saying look at the clock and determine that a 14.3 second fight is breaking out and it takes you 13.8 seconds to get there.  Use your gut feeling to determine whether it is just lane harassment or a serious effort to kill.  Now to decipher the “scenario” word with some examples:


    • A ward picks up someone else coming to a lane.

In this scenario, you will need to go and support your laner if they are not prepared.  If the enemy mid is drifting up to top and you see that your top laner is struggling, you must go and help if you’re within a lane.

    • An enemy that was MIA shows up near you on the map.

This is about the same as the above point, but with a different qualifier.  This will happen when you’re in your jungle and someone appears either in there with you or in position to gank your laner.

    • Their jungler is ganking the lane you’re next to.

Don’t let them have all the fun!  Counter ganking is a strong addition to your game because people generally take risks when their jungler is there.  This can lead to you picking up some kills on careless enemies.


    • Typical lane harassment.

Just because Garen likes to jump out of the bushes and spin onto your laner doesn’t mean you’ll be useful if you come and gank.  Lanes will always have some sort of harassment, so use the definition of a fight to see if it’s a quick, 2-second scuffle or is an actual development.

    • Jungler ganks across the map.

You’re not going to make it there in time to make a difference.  This is an excellent opportunity to counter jungle, however if you’re more than about a lane away, continue farming.

    • An MIA shows up far away.

This is the same as the above situation, but you have another compenent to add.  If they are harassing or ganking a lane and you’re near their tower, you can harass their tower as well.  This might lead to a tower trade if their gank is successful or just some extra damage you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Through the one lane rule, you can learn to develop your game and help your team.  I would recommend doing it every single time without question for the first few games you’re trying this out.  This will allow you to get a feel on when you are and are not needed.  After you have that feeling, you can pass judgment on the one lane rule, but it will always be in your mind.  Until then…



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