Replay Analysis – AD Bottom Caitlyn (Yahtzee)

Welcome to the first written replay analysis entry!  This replay was sent in to me by Yahtzee who is playing AD Carry bottom against…my team!  A funny twist on things to take a look at the other team, but here’s a recap for those who don’t like watching things.

The Video


The Breakdown

This was a really tight game played by both teams.  The early game seemed grim for our hero with Graves picking up two quick kills on their Soraka and leading to an early dragon for their team.  Soraka continued to fall behind in levels and didn’t ward throughout the river, leading to a jungle gank, downing bottom tower.  This wasn’t a large factor because of the midlane play with Amumu and Vladimir able to secure a few kills on enemy Karthus and Kayle, sometimes dying themselves.  These kills, however, kept both teams in close contest with only a tower and a dragon for the enemy team and a tied 8-8 game twenty minutes in.  A big fight broke out over the third dragon leading to a 4-3 kill advantage for the enemy team, however through capitalizing on a poor play on Graves, Caitlyn was able to pick up a dragon for her team.

The enemy team continued to complete objectives, taking middle tower and then top tower with a Baron soon in its wake.  With a large global gold advantage, the enemy team pushed through to the inner middle tower to be driven back and beaten by out of position Graves and a good Amumu ultimate.  This lead your team to take both middle towers and secure an Ace, putting you back into the game.  Caitlyn continued to farm well throughout the game giving a large gold advantage to herself and picks up a number of kills and some hefty late game damage.  Both teams danced around Baron until the enemy team started it and Amumu lands a great initiation bandage toss into Curse of the Sad Mummy, grabbing 4 people in it and allowing your team’s AoE through Gangplank and Vladimir to clean the fight up and win the game.

The Bad

  • Work on your map awareness.  It’s critical that you learn as much as possible about your enemy and your own team through observing how the fights progress.
  • Ward, ward, ward, ward.  You had maybe 3 wards in or around bottom lane the entire game, which is a crime against humanity.
  • You were overextended to get farm when there was no reason to.  If you don’t have vision on the enemy team, do not be in places that they can easily jump you.
  • Respect enemy laners.  You didn’t give Alistar and Graves the room they deserved and they picked up kills on Soraka for it and nearly got you a few times if they had combo’d correctly.

The Good

  • You did a great job farming and keeping up your level, which secured the game for you and your team.
  • Your positioning in the fights was really good, sometimes by happenstance, but being in the right position to live and deal damage secured many fights
  • Your team was able to hang in there despite being behind in global objectives and through great Amumu initiation (give him a pat on the back) you pulled the game out.

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